Is UCHD Liposuction Offered by All Plastic Surgeons in Tampa, Fl?

There are many plastic surgeons in Tampa, FL. However, not all plastic surgeons can offer the same treatments or the same quality of results. While some offer only standard lipo procedures, others offer far more complex surgeries. One popular form of liposuction that many men and women request today is UCHD liposuction. While this procedure is becoming increasingly popular, not all surgeons can offer it. Here in Tampa, not all surgeons offer UCHD lipo, and not all carry it out to the same high standard.


What is UCHD Liposuction?


UCHD stands for Ultra Complete High-Definition Liposuction. This type of lipo surgery involves the removal of up to 90% of the fat from a specific area. Most surgeons only remove around 50%-60% of the fat when performing standard liposuction procedures. Therefore, it’s easy to see why UCHD lipo is more complete. Of course, as you would expect, the results of UCHD lipo are also more impressive than those from regular lipo. Not only is more fat removed for a slimmer, more contoured result, but the skin also becomes tighter.  


Do All Surgeons Mean the Same Thing When They Offer UCHD Liposuction?


It’s important to note that not all surgeons mean the same thing by “UCHD Lipo.” Some surgeons refer to “UCHD lipo” when they actually mean a completely different procedure. They use the term to describe the creation of an artificial six-pack by injecting fat into the stomach’s muscle layers. Clearly, this is a very different form of surgery.


When most surgeons offer high-def lipo, they only perform it on the stomach area. Dr. Su at ArtLipo, however, offers UCHD lipo on other areas, including the arms and legs. Other surgeons offering “high definition lipo” also don’t remove as much as 80% or 90% of the excess fat. Therefore, the results aren’t as impressive as those that Dr. Su achieves. 

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How Does UCHD Lipo Differ From High Definition Lipo?


Dr. Su is the pioneer of the Interactive Liposuction UCHD lipo technique. When most surgeons perform lipo, they require the patient to lie motionless. When Dr. Su performs lipo, however, he requires the patient to participate. He asks the patient to move, change positions, and tense their muscles during the procedure. That allows him to sculpt the fat more closely to the muscle for a more complete removal. 


This difference that allows Dr. Su to produce such excellent results from his UCHD lipo. Not only can he remove even more fat (up to 90%), but he can also achieve greater skin tightening. When most surgeons perform liposuction, they use a “debulking” technique. The patient may look slimmer but without clear muscle definition. When Dr. Su performs Interactive Lipo, he ensures that his technique reveals the patient’s musculature structure. As a result, the patient looks significantly better, with slimmer, more defined contours. 


To find out more about UCHD liposuction and how it can benefit you, get in touch with Dr. Su today. As an expert in plastic surgery among surgeons in Tampa, FL, he’s your first choice to achieve your body contouring goals.