What Are the Two Most Effective Arm Slimming Procedures?

Arm slimming procedures are more in demand than ever before these days. The rise of the internet and social media means that more people want to look like celebrities. Achieving the red-carpet look is now something many women desire. Unfortunately, it’s challenging to accomplish this without undergoing surgery. Arm fat is very stubborn and hard to eliminate through diet and exercise alone. That’s why there are several treatments that claim to slim the arms effectively. But which are most effective? Here, we look at the two top options.

Arm Slimming Treatments – an Overview

There are many treatments available today that claim to slim the arms. You may have heard about options including:

  • Fat freezing
  • Radiofrequency treatments
  • Fat-dissolving injections
  • Laser treatments
  • Arm lifts
  • Liposuction

Only the final two of these are proven to work to slim the arms effectively.

What is Arm Liposuction?

Arm liposuction is a very effective way to eliminate excess upper arm fat. Surgeons carry out arm lipo with the patient under a local anesthetic. They make an incision in the arm and then pass a narrow tube into it. They use this cannula to break up the excess fat cells and suction them out. Finally, they sculpt the remaining fat to create a more attractive, smooth, and slim contour.

Liposuction removes the fat cells permanently. After this procedure, the arms look more toned, beautiful, and slim. If the patient commits to living a healthy lifestyle in the long term, the results of the surgery will be permanent.

What is an Arm Lift?

An arm lift is a more invasive procedure than arm liposuction. However, it produces excellent results for patients who have a lot of excess skin as well as excess arm fat. Surgeons carry out this procedure with the patient under a general anesthetic. They make a long incision along the inner upper arm. They then cut away the excess fat and skin before placing sutures to create a new, slimmer arm shape.

Comparing Both Procedures

Both procedures result in slimmer, more attractive arms for the patient. However, the surgeries produce their results in different ways. Liposuction is considerably less invasive than an arm lift. The healing process and recovery period are shorter and more manageable. The focus of each surgery is different too. An arm lift primarily gets rid of excess skin. That is essential if a patient has a lot of loose, sagging skin on their upper arms. Liposuction primarily removes fat, although a skilled surgeon can tighten the skin impressively too.

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Not all surgeons can offer comprehensive arm liposuction surgery. Most surgeons will only take a conservative approach to upper arm lipo. They usually only remove a small amount of fat, resulting in minimal improvement in the arm’s shape. Dr. Su at ArtLipo takes a far more comprehensive approach. He uses 360-degree liposuction to remove the maximum volume of fat from the arms. His Celebrity Arms procedure removes as much as 90% of excess arm fat. After the procedure, his patients benefit from beautifully toned, slim arms. If you want to find out more about Dr. Su’s effective arm slimming procedures, contact the ArtLipo team now.