Which Areas Can Surgeons Treat with Awake Liposuction?

Thanks to its benefits, Awake liposuction is becoming the top choice among surgeons. Although some patients worry about being awake during their procedure, it’s actually a safer option. Patients have better results and a shorter recovery time with Awake liposuction. Even better, any area that surgeons can treat under general anesthetic is suitable for awake lipo too. That gives patients the chance to achieve their body contouring goals more safely and conveniently. 


What is Awake Lipo?


Awake lipo is the term that surgeons use to describe liposuction with the patient under local anesthetic. At one time, surgeons carried out all lipo procedures with the patients under a general anesthetic. Those days are now largely in the past, though. Now, surgeons have realized that there are many benefits that come with the patient being conscious instead of asleep. These advantages mean that awake lipo is becoming more popular these days than general anesthetic procedures. 


How is Awake Lipo Different from Regular Liposuction?


The critical difference between awake lipo and regular liposuction is that the patient is awake and alert during awake lipo. As they receive a local anesthetic in the area the surgeon is treating; they experience no pain. During regular lipo, though, the patient is unconscious throughout. They require ongoing monitoring to ensure they tolerate the general anesthesia well and aren’t experiencing adverse reactions. 


Another vital difference between awake lipo and regular lipo is that the patient can move during awake lipo. Under general anesthetic, meanwhile, they must lie still on the bed and require moving by medical professionals. That adds extra time to the procedure and limits what surgeons can achieve.

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Can Surgeons Treat Large Areas with the Patient Under Local Anesthetic?


Surgeons certainly can treat larger areas with the patient under local anesthetic. As awake lipo is so versatile, it’s suitable for treating both large and small areas of the body. Surgeons perform all types of awake procedures from chin lipo to whole legs and 360-degree lipo of the torso.


Any area that surgeons can treat with the patient under a general anesthetic, they can treat under local anesthetic too. In fact, surgeons can treat more extensive areas as patients can move, saving time during the procedure. However, there is still a limit of fat surgeons can remove during a single procedure. If patients require treatment on several areas of the body, they may need to return for a second session. That holds true whether the patient is under a general or local anesthetic for their surgery.


What Are the Benefits of Awake Lipo?


Awake lipo brings a host of benefits for both the patient and surgeon alike. For a start, it is safer to undergo surgery under a local anesthetic than under a general anesthetic. There are fewer adverse side effects, such as serious allergic reactions, to worry about. The recovery time for the patient is also shorter and more manageable. Patients can return home the same day as their procedure and eat and drink normally before surgery for greater comfort. Surgeons can take their time and use smaller instruments during awake lipo. They don’t need to hurry through the procedure as quickly as possible to ensure the patient’s safety. Surgeons should keep the length of time patients should stay under general anesthetic as short as possible for safety reasons.


That is not necessary with a local anesthetic. Therefore, surgeons can take greater care to sculpt and produce a flawless result rather than simply speedily reducing bulk. As patients are awake, they can also participate in their own procedures. They can move and tense their muscles to allow the surgeon to sculpt closely to the muscle. That ensures maximum fat removal during the procedure. Since patients are able to stand, the surgeon can also see how gravity affects the fat. They can more easily make sure that the final outcome is even and smooth on both sides of the body.


Where Can I Find the Best Awake Lipo Surgeon?


It’s important to note that not every cosmetic surgeon offers awake lipo. Not all cosmetic surgeons can produce the same quality result. Therefore, you need to find a specialist in the field who has a track record of excellent outcomes for patients.


Some cosmetic surgeons who offer awake lipo don’t do anything different during their surgeries. The patient may be awake, but they can lie still on the table during the procedure. The surgeon doesn’t take full advantage of the fact that the patient is alert and can cooperate. That is where Dr. Su at ArtLipo stands out from the crowd. As a pioneer of the Active Lipo technique, he makes the best use of the patient’s conscious state during surgery. He asks the patient to move and tense their muscles to ensure maximum fat removal. The results he achieves from awake liposuction are truly impressive. Get in touch today to learn more.