Which Types of Liposuction Are Most Effective?

Many people are unaware that there are different types of liposuction available today. However, there are several options available that patients can choose from. Of course, not every surgeon offers every form of liposuction. Also, not every type is equally effective. Therefore, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your options so you can make an informed decision. If you’re planning a lipo procedure, you want to ensure the best possible outcome. That means understanding which kinds of lipo are most effective is paramount. With that in mind, we’ll take a look at the various procedures you could opt for.

What Are the Different Liposuction Types?

There are several kinds of liposuction available today, but not every surgeon offers every option. Some commonly-practiced forms of liposuction include:

  • Tumescent or suction-assisted lipo: This method is the most commonly used lipo technique. The procedure involves a surgeon injecting a solution into the part of the body they’re treating. That area will then swell, allowing the surgeon to remove the fat more easily through the cannula.
  • Power-assisted lipo: With this method, the surgeon uses a cannula and moves it quickly forward and backward. This technique is good for removing stubborn areas of fat. It’s also a popular technique when large volumes of fat require removal.
  • Laser-assisted lipo: With this technique, the surgeon uses a high-intensity light laser in order to break down the fat. They then remove the broken-down fat via suction.
  • Ultrasound-assisted lipo: This technique sees a surgeon using an ultrasonic rod inserted below the skin. It ruptures the fat cells’ walls to break them down. One popular technique that uses ultrasound technique is Vaser lipo.

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Which is the Most Popular Type?

The most popular and, indeed, most effective type of lipo is tumescent liposuction. Most surgeons today offer this kind of liposuction surgery. This method offers numerous benefits.

For a start, the solution the surgeon injects into the patient contains a local anesthetic. That eliminates any need for the patient to have a general anesthetic. As general anesthetics are riskier and lead to extended recovery periods, tumescent lipo is beneficial for the patient.

Furthermore, the fluid contains epinephrine which is a vasoconstrictor, helping to reduce swelling and bruising. Patients enjoy a better recovery and experience less pain after their surgery.

As this technique swells the area, it allows the surgeon to be more precise and produce a more complete result.

Nevertheless, it’s important to note that there are several forms of tumescent lipo. In the hands of a skilled and experienced surgeon, tumescent lipo techniques can achieve UCHD lipo. UCHD lipo (ultra-complete high-definition liposuction) produces the most holistic outcomes, removing more fat.

How Can Tumescent Liposuction Be Used to Achieve the Best Outcome?

A talented surgeon can use precise tumescent lipo techniques to achieve optimal outcomes for patients. Some surgeons simply focus on “debulking” techniques – removing fat to create a slimmer physique. The Interactive Lipo technique, however, is far more complete and precise. Rather than simply “debulking,” it involves the sculpting of the fat to produce a beautiful, slim contour.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is the pioneer of the Interactive Lipo method. This technique involves the patient’s cooperation during the procedure. Instead of lying still on the table, the patient moves and tenses their muscles during the surgery. That allows Dr. Su to sculpt more closely to the muscle and achieve a complete result.

Dr. Su’s Interactive Lipo technique allows him to perform his Celebrity Arms technique. Unlike regular arm lipo, which only treats the underhang, this procedure treats the whole circumference of the arm. Dr. Su treats the top, sides, and underhang, as well as the shoulder, for maximum fat removal. The patient flexes their arm muscles to allow Dr. Su to remove the fat close to the muscle. As a result, he can remove as much as 90% of the fat, achieving skin tightening and a beautiful shape. The patient benefits from a far more complete result and a slimmer, tighter contour.

These techniques are only possible with tumescent lipo.

Which Lipo Technique is Best?

While all surgeons offering any form of lipo will say theirs is the most effective, that isn’t strictly true. The skill level and experience of the surgeon are both imperative. The better the surgeon, the better the results you can expect. Nevertheless, certain techniques produce better and more complete results. Most surgeons agree that tumescent liposuction is the most effective lipo technique. However, since not all tumescent lipo techniques are equally effective, it’s vital to seek out a specialist.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a pioneer in the field of liposuction and is the creator of many effective techniques. His Interactive Lipo, UCHD liposuction, and Celebrity Arms procedures produce outstanding results for patients. Get in touch with Dr. Su now to learn more about these effective types of liposuction.