Will High Definition Liposuction of the Abdomen Tighten My Stomach Muscles?

High definition liposuction is the most impressive solution to achieve excellent muscle definition. After an HD lipo procedure, the contours of the muscles become more visible. The body looks slimmer, more toned, and more attractive. However, this surgery has its limitations. HD lipo only removes excess fat. It cannot remove excess skin, and it cannot tighten up the muscles. That means you’ll need to seek another procedure if this is your goal.

What Does High Definition Lipo Involve?

High definition lipo is a comprehensive surgical procedure that produces a very complete result. When a surgeon performs HD lipo on the abdomen, they remove the maximum amount of fat. That allows the contours of the stomach to become visible.

The techniques that the surgeon uses are similar to those they use for regular liposuction. They perform the procedure with the patient under local anesthetic. They make small incisions in the abdomen and then pass a cannula through. They use the cannula to break up the fat and then suction it out. The difference between HD lipo and regular lipo is the amount of fat the surgeon removes. They take care to ensure the most complete fat removal possible – up to 90%. Afterward, the patient’s stomach looks slimmer and more toned. If the patient has toned abdominal muscles, the surgery could reveal a six-pack. It’s important to note the limitations of abdomen HD lipo, though. It doesn’t get rid of any excess abdominal skin, and it won’t tighten the stomach muscles. The procedure solely removes fat.

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The Difference Between Muscle Tightening and Fat Removal

Fat removal does just what the name suggests. It gets rid of the layer of fat under the skin that lies over the muscle. HD lipo eliminates this fat layer and reveals the contours of the muscles beneath. If you already have toned stomach muscles, this surgery can give you a six-pack effect. If you don’t have toned stomach muscles, you’ll look slimmer after fat removal. You won’t have the contoured, muscular shape, though. This surgery, therefore, cannot give you toned muscles if you don’t already have them.

How Can I Achieve More Toned Abdominal Muscles?

The best way to achieve more toned abdominal muscles after liposuction is to work out before having surgery. Focusing on toning your abdomen before surgery will ensure the most attractive outcome afterward. After abdominal conditioning, liposuction will produce a toned effect as your stomach muscles become visible. There is, however, another option if you’d prefer to tighten your abdominal muscles via surgery. An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can tighten the stomach muscles via a surgical procedure.

What Is an Abdominoplasty?

An abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a surgical procedure to slim the stomach. It involves the removal of excess fat and skin on the abdomen. Surgeons carry out this procedure with the patient under a general anesthetic. They make an incision across the patient’s lower abdomen. They separate the skin from the wall of the abdomen beneath the navel. They then cut away the excess skin and fat. They realign the stomach muscles and pull the remaining skin together, suturing it in position. This surgery creates tighter stomach muscles and a more toned look for the abdomen. It doesn’t give the patient a six-pack. However, the stomach will look tighter afterward.

Seeking a Professional Opinion

If you’d like high definition lipo of the abdomen, you need to be sure you’re a suitable candidate. Not everyone can have cosmetic surgery. To determine whether you can undergo abdominal liposuction, you need to consult with a skilled surgeon. They will examine you, listen to your body contouring goals, and tell you the result you can expect. They will also take your medical history to find out whether you’re medically suitable for the procedure. The best surgeons can tell you which stomach contouring procedure is best for you.

Choosing the most skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon for your procedure couldn’t be more important. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is a liposuction specialist who is a pioneer of cutting-edge lipo techniques. His Active Lipo method produces impressive outcomes for patients, and his HD lipo removes up to 90% of excess fat. You can see images of his results on our before and after photo gallery. Thanks to his comprehensive high-definition approach, he produces results that some surgeons only achieve with an abdominoplasty. If you have excess stomach fat and up to a moderate amount of skin looseness, Dr. Su can help. His techniques can precisely target and eradicate stomach fat for a slimmer physique. Although he cannot tighten your stomach muscles with this surgery, he can reveal muscles you haven’t seen for years!

Get in touch with the ArtLipo team today to learn more about high definition liposuction of the abdomen. You can arrange a consultation and begin your journey to a more attractive, slim stomach.