Technology has moved in leaps and bounds. There have been new techniques devised and medical equipment invented that have increased public interest in body contouring. Of all those procedures, arguably, liposuction is the world’s most popular. The latest lipo techniques allow surgeons to remove excess fat more safely and effectively than ever before. One area in which the newest techniques have proven to be especially helpful is in liposuction for arms.

At one time, treating the upper arms was difficult using liposuction. Removing the fat evenly from this area was challenging. It was hard to get a good result that was smooth and taut. Many surgeons would take too conservative an approach or refuse to treat the arms at all. Now, there are new techniques that allow effective treatment in this area. Yet, not all cosmetic surgeons know how to use them. This can lead to some dissatisfaction among their patients.

Some people who’ve had arm lipo report seeing no change after the procedure. Others see lumps, bumps, and other irregularities in the treated area. So, what should you know about dimpling after liposuction? Here, we take a closer look.

What Can I Expect After Arm Lipo?

Liposuction may be less invasive when compared with other procedures, but it still requires a recovery period. Usually, you’ll need about a week of recovery time after your surgery. 

Within the first day of your procedure, you’ll probably experience the discharge of fluid from your incisions. Don’t worry as this is normal. Over the next few days, bruising and swelling will almost certainly appear. You must wear your compression garment all the time for two weeks. You will, then, need to wear it as advised for a few more weeks.

During your recovery period, you’ll need to stay well-hydrated and rested. You may have pain medications to take. You must walk around every couple of hours, though, to prevent blood clots. You’ll receive a follow-up appointment that you must attend.

You’ll usually be able to go back to work around a week after your procedure. However, you will still need to avoid intensive activity and any heavy lifting. You should also avoid exposing the treated area to sunlight. This could damage your skin’s collagen and elasticity and could spoil the outcome of your procedure.

What About A Bumpy Appearance?

After the first few days, you may start to notice lumps and bumps on the treated area. This isn’t uncommon. In fact, skin irregularities can occur for a couple of weeks after your procedure. They could even last for several months. You’ll be more prone to post-lipo bumps if you’re older or have poor skin elasticity. If your skin has stretch marks, post-lipo irregularities are also more common.

The most commonly seen cause of bumps and lumps following lipo is fluid that has accumulated underneath the skin. This causes inflammation or swelling. During the lipo procedure, the cannula makes tunnels under your skin. The spaces are hollow and will fill with bodily fluids. The result is irregular swelling that makes the skin’s surface look bumpy. Eventually, those tunnels collapse when you use your compression garment as instructed. 

Another cause of bumpiness could be a localized hematoma. This is blood accumulating under your skin. It can take as long as a year to get better. Some residual fat remaining after your procedure could look bumpy, too. These bumps will be small and will eventually settle. Of course, if your surgeon lacks the necessary skill to perform arm liposuction properly, the chance of dimpling is higher.

Can You Treat Lumps After Lipo?

Most lumps and bumps won’t last for long. Most will resolve themselves over time. However, if yours don’t, some treatments could prove helpful. Massage, ultrasound therapy, radiofrequency therapy, or laser skin tightening are all possibilities.

If you still have lumps after three to four months, there could be a more serious problem. You may have fat necrosis. This will sometimes get better on its own. Other times, treatment may be necessary. Surgical removal or needle aspiration may be necessary. 

You may even need to have more liposuction to even out the final result of your treatment. A skilled surgeon can help you with this. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we have experience in correcting liposuction that has gone wrong. Dr. Su is an extremely talented and highly experienced cosmetic surgeon with expertise in the field of liposuction. You can be confident he can improve the lumps and bumps you’re experiencing.

Perhaps you’ve already had arm lipo and are unhappy with the result. Or, perhaps, you’re seeking the best surgeon for liposuction for arms so you can be sure of an excellent outcome. Either way, Dr. Su and the Artlipo team are on hand to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to improve the appearance of your arms.