Caring for your new breast implants can be challenging at the best of times. However, one of the biggest issues facing those with breast implants in Tampa, Florida or other warm locations is coping with the hot summer weather. The good news is that the weather won’t have much effect on implants once you’re fully recovered from your surgery. The human body can effectively regulate its temperature, so you shouldn’t notice any difference. However, if you’re still in recovery from your procedure, you’ll need to take a little more care.

The Warm Weather Problem

The appeal of having breast implants during the summer is clear. You want to look your best in a swimsuit while you’re sunbathing on the beach. Unfortunately, though, it does mean that the weather will be very warm and humid, especially in Florida. When you’ve recently had breast augmentation surgery, you’ll need to prepare in advance for the heat. You’ll need to avoid a few activities when you’ve had recent breast enhancement surgery during the summer.

Will Heat Affect My Implants?

Heat won’t affect the implants themselves. This is because the human body is capable of regulating its temperature effectively. That doesn’t mean that the healing process will remain unaffected, though. If it gets too hot, you’ll begin to sweat. Your skin changes and your body starts to become stressed. All of this can have an unwanted effect on the process of recovery. When you’re exposed to excess heat, the resulting sweating causes swelling. This interferes with the natural process of healing and causes issues in recovery.

Which Activities Should I Avoid?

Several activities are common during the warmer months. However, you should avoid them during your recovery. These include:

  • Sunbathing
  • Lying by a swimming pool
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Heavy exercise

Two of the most popular summer activities are swimming and sunbathing. However, you need to take extra care with both of these after having implant surgery. You must avoid swimming for at least a month after your procedure. You must ensure you’ve had the green light from your surgeon before getting into the pool.

If you want to sunbathe after your surgery, you’ll need to apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher. Protecting the incision area is essential. Your surgeon may also advise you to apply a silicone-based scar gel to the site. This helps to make the scar look thinner and finer, so you’ll look your best in your swimsuit.

It’s important to talk to your surgeon about returning to these kinds of activities after your procedure. You should never participate in any of them without having been given the go-ahead from your surgeon.

Is Having Breast Enlargement Surgery During the Summer A Bad Idea?

Although there are a few issues associated with getting breast implants during the summer, it’s often unavoidable. Summer is often the only time of the year when it’s possible to undergo the surgery. Many people take a summer vacation and taking time away from work at this time of year is often easier.

It isn’t always a problem to have breast augmentation during the hotter months of the year. Even when the weather is very warm and humid, it’s still possible to care for your implants. You simply need to pay close attention to your surgeon’s advice and instructions.

Warm Weather Implant Care

If you’re undergoing breast augmentation surgery during the summer, you’ll receive appropriate care instructions from your surgeon. This means there’s no need to be too worried about having cosmetic surgery during the summer. The best surgeon will make sure you’re well-prepared for your procedure, whether you have it during the winter or summer. Your surgeon will tell you to stay away from excess heat and sun until your wounds have healed to a certain extent. He or she will also advise you on which activities to avoid and which are safe.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

The most important aspect to consider when having cosmetic surgery is choosing the right surgeon. You need to know that you’re choosing a skilled surgeon with considerable experience. Not only will you be certain of the best possible outcome, but you’ll also rest assured you’ll receive the best advice.

Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we’re proud to be leading the way in breast augmentation surgery. Our talented surgeons have years of experience. They have dedicated themselves to helping patients achieve the looks they desire. We’re here to help women increase their confidence by giving them the bodies they deserve. As we’re located in Tampa Florida, we know all about the challenges of surgery and recovery in a hot climate. You can rest assured we’ll offer you the advice and support you need to care for breast implants. Whether you choose to have your procedure during the winter or the summer, you’ll know you’re in very safe hands.