Are you considering getting breast implants but are not sure whether they are safe? It is possible you have heard about “breast implant illness” and are worried about it. Here, we take a look at the truth behind this so-called illness to put your mind at rest.

What Is This Illness?

Some people who have had breast augmentation say they have suffered from this illness.” However, what does this term mean? For a start, it is not a well-defined term. Rather, it tends to describe a number of symptoms experienced by women after augmentation surgery. If you browse social media platforms, you will probably find support groups dedicated to this condition. However, is there actually an official condition at all?

Some women have said that they have suffered from toxicity because they have had breast augmentation. They said they have experienced symptoms, such as low energy or fatigue, cognitive dysfunction, pain in the muscles, and headaches. Some also reported hair loss, swollen glands and lymph nodes, recurring infections, thyroid problems, rashes, and IBS. However, there is no evidence linking these symptoms to breast augmentation surgery. In fact, there is a link between these kinds of symptoms and several illnesses.

Is There Any Evidence of a Breast Augmentation Illness?

No real evidence exists that this mystery illness is a true condition at all. There have been no pathophysiological explanations given. There is no existing hypothesis to suggest how silicone is able to cause such problems. Also, no diagnostic tests exist to determine whether someone is suffering from it. In fact, there is no evidence to show there is a link between silicone and any illness. During the 1990s, researchers carried out studies extensively into silicone breast enlargements. At this time, there were investigations into whether they caused any symptoms. The researchers did not discover any links.

What Causes This Mystery Illness?

We must bear in mind that there is no link between breast enlargement and any kind of illness. Nevertheless, there are some women who experience symptoms. This may be because they are experiencing physical symptoms from the scar tissue. Alternatively, they may be experiencing problems because of the extra weight of their larger breasts. Others may simply have an unrelated condition of which they are unaware.

Are There Any Genuine Issues Caused by This Type of Surgery?

If you are considering getting implants from Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery in Tampa, you may be wondering whether you have anything to worry about. While this mystery illness may not have any evidence to support it, there are some complications associated with this surgery. These are rare, especially when you choose an experienced, fully qualified, and skilled surgeon. Occasionally, migration, capsular contracture or implant rupture may occur. However, this is extremely unlikely if you choose the right cosmetic surgeon.

Having Repeat Breast Surgery

Some women are unaware that breast implants will not last forever. They are considered medical devices, and no medical device is a lifelong solution. At some point, patients will require a removal and replacement procedure. However, this could be a long way down the road. Eighty percent of all women who have undergone this surgery still have them after 10 years. However, after 15 years, most will have had theirs replaced with new ones. Some women also have replacement surgery for other reasons. Some women want to change the size of their breasts again to make them smaller or larger. Others wish to address other breast changes caused by time, weight fluctuations or pregnancy. The original cosmetic surgeon can carry out this procedure.

Is Breast Enlargement Safe?

Any woman considering breast augmentation is naturally concerned about her own safety. Whenever she reads anything negative about breast surgery, it is only natural for her to be worried. However, you can rest assured that there is no link between breast implants and any kind of illness. While there are some potential complications linked to breast surgery, these are quite rare. Most women will experience no issues after breast augmentation surgery. They will, instead, experience improved self-confidence and self-esteem. The key to having safe breast surgery is to choose the right cosmetic surgeon.

Choosing A Reliable Surgeon for Breast Implants in Tampa

If you want to be as safe as possible when undergoing breast surgery, you must choose the right surgeon. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, our team is highly skilled and experienced. You can rely on us to carry out all work to the very highest standards. You can check the before and after pictures on our website to see the impressive results we can achieve. Our talented surgeons are among the best in the business. So, if you are looking for a place to get this procedure in Tampa, you should make us your first choice. Contact us today to find out how we can boost your self-esteem.