The first question you might ask about arranging breast augmentation in Tampa, FL, is how much it will cost. And, it’s easy to see why. Cosmetic surgery is very costly and finding good value for your money is important. However, if your health is at stake, there are more important questions to ask first. The cheapest cosmetic surgery is unlikely to be the best. Here are some questions you should consider asking first before you think about how much it will cost.

How Safe Are the Patients?

Breast augmentation may have low complication rates, but it’s still real surgery. If you choose a poorly trained surgeon or one who cuts corners, those risks are much higher. The cheaper the cost of the procedure, the more likely it is to be unsafe. Your first question, therefore, shouldn’t be about the cost. It should be about the safety of the patients. Is the surgeon board-certified? Does he or she have an excellent reputation in the industry? Can you see clear evidence of his or her qualifications and experience? You need to make sure you’ve chosen a surgeon you can rely on.

Are Other Patients Impressed?

Once you’ve found the right surgeon, it’s important to check out patient satisfaction levels. How happy have most of your chosen surgeon’s patients been with the results? Read online testimonials and reviews to find out more. Use your common sense and gut instinct when reading reviews, however. The surgeon may have written reviews that appear too good to be true. Poor reviews could come from a competitor or disgruntled employee. Look for any similarities and differences between the reviews so you can weed out any that may be fake.

What Kind of Results Can the Surgeon Achieve ?

All good plastic surgeons will have before and after images to compare online. When you look at these photographs, check that there is consistency between them. Are the camera distances, backgrounds, and lighting roughly the same on both shots? You want to see both a side and a front view. If patients are partially rotated from the camera, this could hide surgical differences. When it comes to breast augmentation surgery, you should look for the natural mismatching in breast size and shape. Are the differences because of natural mismatches, or has one implant been placed lower or higher than the other? Has the surgeon used implants in different sizes to address one breast that is naturally bigger than the other?

What Is the Customer Service Like?

After having narrowed the options down to a couple of cosmetic surgeons, it’s time to check out the customer service. Call the office to find out the attitude of the staff. Is your call taken professionally and in a friendly and helpful manner? If you ask difficult questions, can the staff member answer them? Can he or she give you some idea of possible fees for your procedure? Can the office offer you a virtual consultation? If you leave a message or send an e-mail, does the office respond quickly? Did the staff member offer you any financing options for your procedure? You can tell a lot about a cosmetic surgeon from the way his or her office handles your inquiry. If you feel like you aren’t receiving the highest level of service at this early stage, walk away.

What Is the Surgeon Like in Person?

When you go to the office for your first consultation, you should pay close attention to the surgeon. Has he or she listened to you? Does he or she understand your goals? How confident do you feel that you’ll be getting excellent care? Could you rely on this surgeon in the event of a complication arising in the future?

Selecting Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon

It can be tempting to cut costs when it comes to having a breast augmentation in Tampa, FL. However, it’s never a wise idea. A cheap surgeon is unlikely to produce the results you desire. Even if he or she does, you can’t always be convinced he or she could address any possible future complications. If you don’t feel confident that your surgeon will be offering you outstanding care, look elsewhere.

You should always prioritize your own health and safety above the cost of the breast augmentation. You must weigh the balance of cost against the quality of results you can expect. When you choose Artlipo, you can be confident your surgeon will be one of the country’s most respected. While our prices aren’t the lowest, you can be confident of the excellent results we can achieve. Our glowing testimonials and before and after images will prove how we can restore your confidence. It’s our mission to help you feel and look your best. That’s why we strive to offer you competitive pricing alongside beautiful results at our state of the art facility in Tampa, FL.