We are all familiar with the concept of there being seasons for different things. There’s a season for baseball, football, skiing, and planting. However, you may not have imagined that there would be a season for cosmetic surgery! Artlipo’s plastic surgery team in Tampa has discovered that there is definitely a season for having certain procedures. During the spring, more women choose to have liposuction and breast augmentation procedures compared with other times of the year. So, why should you consider having plastic surgery during the spring?

Why Is Spring A Popular Time for Plastic Surgery?

If you think about procedures, such as breast augmentation and liposuction, the reason for the popularity of the spring is clear. As the weather warms up, we start to think about the summer ahead. We start to imagine wearing summer dresses, shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Then, we begin thinking about how we look wearing those revealing items. When women try on their summer wardrobes, they begin to notice excess fat that makes them feel embarrassed. Sometimes they see that their breasts do not fill out their bikini tops, and they feel uncomfortable.

It is no wonder that their next step is to seek out a reliable cosmetic surgeon. It takes several weeks for your body to settle after a cosmetic procedure. Therefore, if you choose the spring as the time to have plastic surgery, you’ll look your best by summer. You’ll be able to wear the revealing clothing you’ve always wanted to wear and have restored self-confidence.

If patients haven’t had their procedures by the beginning of July, they usually wait until the summer has passed.

What Are the Advantages of Springtime Plastic Surgery?

While the weather in Florida is warm all year-round, spring is still cooler than the summer months. This means you’ll be better able to conceal incisions without experiencing any discomfort. It’s important to remember if you’re having plastic surgery, Tampa has very hot summers. This means that wearing compression garments and bandages can be extremely uncomfortable. Also, summer is the perfect time for sunbathing. While you might want to enjoy the sunshine, your surgeon will advise you to avoid water and sun. This is because both could cause damage to your new body. Incisions and scars are highly susceptible to sun damage. This is even more the case than for regular skin. Should you remain outdoors in the sunlight for too long, you could find your scars are darkened permanently. Also, should you receive a sunburn, this would be extremely painful and inconvenient.

Women with children find that the springtime school schedule allows them a more peaceful recovery. Children are in school in the spring. This means there’s no need to arrange additional help while you’re recovering. Patients attending college also appreciate the fact their spring break allows them to undergo procedures inconspicuously.

Another reason that spring is such a popular time for plastic surgery is how far it is from the holidays. If you made a New Year’s resolution to lose excess weight, you are probably now seeing the results. It’s a good time to maximize those results by having cosmetic surgery. Liposuction and breast reductions are procedures that need your body weight to be as close to the ideal as possible. Since there are several months between the holiday season and springtime, you’ll have the chance to reach your goal.

Not only that, but spring is a time for rejuvenation. Summer is around the corner and people are starting to be more active. This is the time for you to prepare for feeling and looking your best for the summer months.

Plastic Surgery in Tampa by the Season

While spring is a popular month for several procedures, every season has its own benefits for certain types of surgery. During the summer, more people go on vacation. That means keeping your surgery private is much easier. Also, you have more recovery time without having to take extra time off work. During the fall, however, the weather is more comfortable and cooler. That means you won’t be so uncomfortable wearing compression garments and dressings. The winter has its own advantages, too. You’ll be able to wear bulkier clothing and stay indoors until the swelling has subsided.

Choosing Artlipo for Plastic Surgery in Tampa

If you are considering having a cosmetic procedure in Tampa, you should consider arranging it now. This time of year is ideal for having a wide range of plastic surgeries. Whether you want liposuction, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck or any other procedure, spring is the perfect season. When looking to have plastic surgery in Tampa, our team is here to help you feel and look your best. With our assistance, you’ll look fantastic when the summer comes around.