These days, more of us are opting to have plastic surgery. It’s no longer something that is somewhat shameful or embarrassing. It’s also something that is no longer only the preserve of celebrities or the very wealthy. More people from all walks of life can now see the benefits of achieving the body they’ve always wanted. However, some of those people want to find cheaper ways to achieve their goals. They, therefore, look overseas for their treatment. 

Is this a good idea? We look at whether treatment abroad is a good idea or whether you should find plastic surgeons in Tampa, FL.

Medical Tourism – A Relatively New Phenomenon

With the rise in people having plastic surgery, it comes as no surprise that “shopping around” has become more common. Patients are looking for the best deals they can find. Sometimes, that means looking outside their local area for the most affordable prices. Some patients even look overseas for discounted deals. This has led to a new form of travel – medical tourism. 

Plastic surgery prices vary considerably between different cities, let alone countries. In Asia and some other countries, the prices are much lower than in the United States. It’s no wonder then that cost-savvy patients are considering taking a “cosmetic surgery vacation.”

Is It Risky to Go Abroad for Treatment?

Unfortunately, medical tourism comes with some risks attached. In many cases, complications may actually cause the price of treatment to be much higher in the long term. The patient may actually have been able to spend less overall if she’d had her procedure in the U.S.

Of course, that isn’t to say that every plastic surgeon overseas is poorly qualified or unskilled. Many offer an excellent standard of performance. Yet, it’s very important to research your overseas options very carefully. If the price is very low, you may be getting what you’ve paid for. 

What Are the Problems Associated with Medical Tourism?

There are five problems associated with medical tourism:

  • The need for revisions because of complications. Plastic surgery remains an invasive medical procedure. As such, it comes with its own risks and complications. Strict guidelines in the U.S. apply to guarantee patients recover well. Part of this includes ongoing checkups. If you are overseas, getting that follow-up care may be difficult or impossible. Should a complication arise after the patient has gone home, it may be a challenge to obtain complete records of the procedure. Managing a patient’s care becomes very difficult. If a patient needs any revisions, the cost could end up being much higher.


  • Safe travel. Many top medical tourism destinations require a long flight and lots of traveling. This isn’t a problem before you have surgery. However, afterward, there’s a chance of infection, blood clots or other complications when flying long distance. 


  • Postoperative recovery. When you’ve had plastic surgery, it takes time to recover. Managing that postoperative period is something that requires serious consideration. A patient usually requires ongoing professional care. While coordinating follow-up appointments might be possible at home, there is no continuity of your care.


  • Quality of your care. Of course, some patients receive good treatment when they head out of the U.S. for surgery. On the other hand, many more do not. Care standards vary around the world, and this means that some surgeons do not adhere to the same rigorous standards.


  • No legal protection. If you are heading overseas for surgery, you will probably have no form of legal backup should a complication arise. However, if you have your procedure in the U.S., you’re protected by stringent rules and malpractice laws. Overseas, those laws usually hold no weight. Therefore, if you suspect negligence, you don’t have any legal recourse. You may end up financially responsible for your medical bills. This applies even if there is clear evidence of negligence. Your insurance company is unlikely to cover these costs if you have had an elective procedure, such as plastic surgery. 


Having A Cosmetic Surgery Vacation in the U.S.

For most patients, shopping around for the treatment with the best value in the United States is the right choice. It’s much safer all around. The cost of plastic surgery will vary significantly in different parts of the country. Therefore, doing your research is equally important when having treatment at home. 

Since plastic surgery is a major procedure, you need to make safety your first priority. Make sure you’ve chosen a surgeon with years of experience and considerable skill. Price shouldn’t be your first consideration. You need to be confident you’re getting the highest level of care and the best quality surgeon for the procedure. 

Choose Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery for your cosmetic procedure. We are top plastic surgeons in Tampa, FL, and can help you achieve your beauty goals. It’s our mission to restore your confidence and make you feel wonderful.