Every day, cosmetic surgeons must ensure they give their patients realistic expectations. Many people come to Artlipo with unrealistic ideas of what the outcome of their procedure will be. We have to help them to recognize the limitations associated with cosmetic surgery. If you don’t have the physique of a model to begin with, liposuction can’t completely change your appearance. It can, however, improve on what you have to begin with. It can remove excess fat, make you look more toned and sculpted, and restore your self-confidence. When it comes to arm lipo, there are several misconceptions out there. Here, we aim to put three of the main ones to rest so you can be well-informed about your procedure.

1. Arm Liposuction Can Tighten Up Loose, Hanging, and Sagging Skin

Many people are under the misconception that arm liposuction will tighten sagging skin. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If you have lax, loose skin before your procedure, it will be the same after surgery. Unlucky genetics, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy can also reduce the elasticity in your skin. Aging also causes the skin to loosen and sag. When you have lipo on your arms, removing the fat can cause a deflation effect. This may make any sagging look worse than before the procedure. Imagine a balloon that you have blown up and, then, deflated. Your skin can develop the same wrinkled shape.

That said, when you choose the right cosmetic surgeon, you can achieve a significant tightening effect. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, Dr. Su is pioneering his Celebrity Arms technique. With active liposuction, patients will move and tense their muscles as instructed during the procedure. This allows for complete fat removal, as well as a more sculpted and toned result. It also allows for more tightening of loose skin. If you only have a small amount of loose skin, as well as excess fat, arm lipo may help. You will, however, need to choose a surgeon with the right skill, experience, and artistic ability to achieve this.

2. Liposuction of the Arms Can Replace Bad Lifestyle Habits

Arm liposuction permanently removes the fat cells in that area. This leads lots of people to believe they don’t need to live healthily anymore. If there is no more fat, you can eat what you want and not exercise, right? Wrong! 

It’s possible to negate the effect of your lipo by eating badly and not exercising enough. Even the best liposuction will leave some fat cells in place. Those cells may expand if you gain weight. Therefore, you need to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet after your procedure. Avoid excess sugar and fat, and eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and lean protein to maintain your result.

Liposuction also isn’t a quick-fix solution. If you’re choosing lipo instead of exercising and dieting, you’ll be disappointed. You still need to work out after your procedure to maintain the results. Contrary to popular belief, lipo isn’t a form of weight loss surgery. It will contour and streamline the localized area of your arms. However, you’ll still need to do arm exercises to keep the tone and slim look.

That doesn’t mean you should go straight back to a strenuous workout regime after surgery, though. You’ll need to wait until your surgeon gives you the go-ahead. You’ll experience some swelling, bruising, and pain immediately after your surgery. You’ll need to wait for this to subside before returning to gentle exercise. You’ll, then, have to wait until your surgeon tells you to return to your usual workout. This could be as long as six weeks.

3. Lipo Is Just for Young People

Dr. Su sees many older people who are worried they can’t have liposuction because they’re too old. Contrary to popular belief, arm liposuction isn’t only for young people. As long as you are well and don’t have a serious medical condition, you will be medically fit for lipo. If your skin has lost a lot of elasticity and firmness because of aging, lipo may not be as effective. But, in many cases, older people have skin that is elastic enough to drape over the new reshaped, slim contours. If you’re older and want to have liposuction of the arms, contact Artlipo today to arrange a consultation. Dr. Su will be able to determine whether you could benefit from the procedure. If not, there will be other options he can recommend to you to help you achieve your desired physique.

Contact Artlipo today to find out the truth about arm lipo. Whatever age you are, and whatever your needs, give us a call today. Our friendly team will answer your questions and can arrange your consultation. You could be on your journey to beautiful arms before you know it.