When you receive a diagnosis of lipedema, it can be hard to cope with. Lipedema is a chronic condition with no cure, and it can be difficult to live with. Not only does it affect the body, but it also affects mental health. This disease causes physical pain and discomfort that can reduce mobility, as well as a person’s quality of life. Meanwhile, it can also negatively affect mental and emotional well-being. Sufferers often feel self-conscious about their disproportionate bodies. They begin to feel anxious and depressed. Sometimes, they become isolated and rarely leave the house. Therefore, getting the right help for this condition is vital. 

When choosing the right place to get that help, you need to choose one of the best lipedema treatment centers. This will help you to achieve a good outcome and improve your overall well-being. 

The Problem of Diagnosing Lipedema

Many doctors still struggle to diagnose patients with lipedema until they have reached the later stages of the condition. Yet, the best outcomes are for those patients who get an early diagnosis and get treatment as quickly as possible. As lipedema is a much-misunderstood condition, it can be difficult to know where to go to get help.

Many doctors recommend a conservative regimen of massage and compression treatments, paired with exercise and diet. While this can help in some measure to reduce the severity of symptoms, it isn’t a long-term solution. There is no cure for lipedema, but you can manage it effectively. One long-term treatment that has proven to be helpful is liposuction. It’s a long-term way to reduce the pain and swelling associated with the condition. By removing the fat cells permanently, you improve your mobility and reduce pain. Lipo also improves the appearance of the lower body, making it look less disproportionate. This helps to restore self-confidence and reduce anxiety. 

Patients who have liposuction when the condition is in its early stages will achieve the best outcomes. If patients wait until they have reached stage 3, the procedure is more difficult. The result will also not be as complete. Patients treated at stage 1 or stage 2, meanwhile, will benefit from a complete result. They will also experience a greater reduction in their discomfort. Once sufferers are in a lot of pain and have difficulty moving, they are unlikely to eradicate these symptoms. Patients who have yet to reach this stage of the condition will be able to stave off its progression.

To get treatment as quickly and effectively as possible, you need to find a dedicated lipedema treatment center. While several centers claim to treat this condition, all are not equal. So, what features should you be looking for?

Specialized Expertise

One of the top features you should look for is specialized expertise in the treatment of lipedema. Here at Artlipo, Dr. Su has lots of experience in this field. He has carried out lipedema surgery on many patients with great success. Therefore, you can rely on his skill to achieve a good outcome for you. He has treated even complicated cases successfully thanks to his excellence in tumescent liposuction.

State-of-the-Art Equipment and Techniques

Unlike some other treatment centers, Artlipo has cutting-edge equipment and only uses the latest, most effective techniques. Dr. Su has pioneered an active lipo technique for a more complete and effective result. He carries out all liposuction procedures under a local anesthetic using tumescent liposuction. However, Dr. Su’s technique is even more efficient. It requires the patient to move during the surgery. When treating the lower body, this is especially important. It’s only when patients tense their muscles that Dr. Su can properly treat the leg’s full 360-degree curve. Using active lipo, Dr. Su can remove even more fat cells to restore the leg’s normal appearance and reduce pain. This enables him to achieve better outcomes for patients than many other surgeons. 

Here at Artlipo, we also have the highest quality facilities and equipment. You will receive only the best possible treatment from the moment you contact us. We understand the problems associated with living with lipedema. When you contact our friendly, expert team, you can rest assured you’re in safe, experienced hands.

Getting Treatment for Lipedema

Artlipo is proud to be one of the best lipedema treatment centers in Florida. Patients come to us from all over the state and from other parts of the country for treatment. This is because we have such a strong reputation for excellence. When you want to be certain you’re getting the best possible care, Artlipo should be your first choice. We can answer all your questions, give you helpful information, and arrange a consultation. You’ll soon be getting the outstanding treatment for lipedema that you need and deserve.