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What Are Bat Wings On A Woman?

What are bat wings on a woman? That’s a question to which many women already know the answer all too well. Bat wings is a rather unflattering term for excess fat on the upper arms. The excess fat stored in this area can sag down, causing a drooping appearance like a wing. Hence the unappealing name. Here, we look a little more closely at what bat wings are, why they form, and what you can do about them.

Why Do Women Develop Bat Wings?

There are several reasons for a woman to develop bat wings. The most common include:

  • Obesity
  • Rapid weight loss that results in loose skin on the upper arms
  • Genetics
  • The natural process of aging

If you’re obese, it’s likely that some of the excess fat will develop on your upper arms. That can cause the underarm to sag and hang. Meanwhile, if you lose a lot of weight rapidly, for example, after bariatric surgery, loose skin may remain. The upper arms are especially prone to this problem. The excess skin droops from the arms, as it isn’t able to tighten back up after the fat stretches. The aging process also causes the skin to lose laxity and stretch, resulting in sagging arm skin.

Nevertheless, genetics are a common cause of bat wings. Our genes dictate how our bodies store fat. If your body naturally stores fat on your arms, you’ll develop bat wings.

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Can Men Develop Bat Wings Too?

Men can develop excess fat on their arms, but women are far more prone to bat wings than men. Women have a genetic tendency to develop extra fat on their arms due to high levels of estrogen. Men usually only develop bat wings after significant weight loss because of the loose skin that remains afterward.

Are Bat Wings Made Up Of Fat Or Skin?

In most cases, both excess fat and excess skin make up bat wings. If you lose a lot of weight, perhaps from bariatric surgery, you may develop bat wings due to loose skin. The skin doesn’t contract easily after significant weight loss, so stretched skin still hangs from the arms. Usually, though, there are some pockets of excess fat remaining there. If you have bat wings because of genetic causes, you’re likely to have more excess fat than excess skin.

Can I Eliminate Bat Wings Naturally?

It’s possible in some cases to eliminate bat wings naturally, but there are no guaranteed methods of doing this. You’re most likely to eliminate bat wings through diet and exercise if you have minimal excess fat and good-quality skin. Increasing exercise levels and reducing calorie intake can help to shape and tighten up the arms. Usually, though, this is only successful if you have very small bat wings. Triceps workouts can tighten and tone the back of the arms, so they feel less loose. If there is a thick layer of fat over the muscle, though, this toning won’t be visible. Also, dieting and exercise can’t help to improve bat wings if you have loose skin.

Is Surgery The Best Option To Combat Bat Wings?

Surgery is highly effective at combating bat wings. It can treat both excess fat and loose skin. There are two kinds of surgery that may be suitable if you have bat wings. The first is an arm lift or brachioplasty. The second is upper arm liposuction.

An arm lift is an invasive procedure that the surgeon performs under a general anesthetic. The procedure involves making an incision along the upper arm and then cutting away the excess fat and skin. They then suture the incision, creating a tighter, slimmer arm.

Arm liposuction is a less invasive procedure. The surgeon performs this surgery under a local anesthetic, so the patient remains awake. The surgeon makes only small incisions through which they pass a cannula to break up and suction out the fat. They then sculpt the arm to create a more shapely, toned appearance.

Different patients can benefit from each procedure. An arm lift is an ideal choice for you if you have a lot of loose skin. The procedure cuts away the skin, removing it completely. That is something that liposuction cannot achieve. Lipo only addresses excess fat, not skin.

Upper arm liposuction is ideal if you have excess fat and only mild to moderate skin looseness. Dr. Su at ArtLipo specializes in the liposuction field and is a pioneer of the Celebrity Arms technique. This innovative procedure can produce impressive skin tightening effects as well as excess fat removal. By treating the entire circumference of the arm, including the shoulder, he creates a beautifully complete outcome. The result is a sculpted, slim, and toned upper arm.

To find out more about bat wings, contact the ArtLipo team today to find out the best procedure for you.

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