If your cankles are the bane of your life, finding an effective cankle removal solution will, no doubt, be paramount. Many women suffer from this problem, whether their legs are large or slim. The lack of definition between calf and ankle is a well-known issue. When the calf and ankle merge, the lower legs can take on a shapeless appearance. This can make the sufferer feel self-conscious about her appearance. It can also reduce her wardrobe choices and make her feel uncomfortable wearing skirts or shorts. It’s no wonder, then, that so many women with this problem look for a way to improve their legs’ appearance. Surgical removal of cankles is becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

What Is Surgical Removal of Cankles?

Surgical removal of cankles is, essentially, liposuction of the calf and ankle area. People have traditionally associated liposuction with the stomach or thighs. These days, thanks to the latest techniques and equipment, it’s possible to perform this procedure on other body areas. The calf and ankle area is one of the most recent areas that surgeons are able to treat. 

Liposuction of this part of the body is notoriously challenging. The leg and ankle have a 360-degree curve that makes achieving a smooth result difficult. For this reason, many cosmetic surgeons still refuse to do this procedure. Those who do often perform very conservative fat removal, so the results may not be as good as hoped. Yet, there are a few surgeons, including Dr. Su here at Artlipo, who can achieve a complete outcome.

Liposuction surgery on cankles involves removing excess fat from the ankle and calf area using narrow cannulas. The surgeon performs the procedure under a local anesthetic. This means the patient is awake and alert throughout the procedure but experiences no pain. 

Why Have Cankle Liposuction Surgery?

If you have cankles, having cankle removal surgery can offer a host of benefits. Your legs will have a more toned and slim appearance. You can achieve more attractive contours, and your legs will have a more pleasing look. This allows the patient more freedom in her clothing choices. She can wear skirts, short dresses, shorts, and strappy heels again without feeling self-conscious. She will also enjoy better self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Is There an Alternative to Surgery?

Many people are anxious about the idea of having any type of surgery, even liposuction. They are worried about the possible complications and side effects. They may also want to avoid paying for a procedure. 

When it comes to cankles, there are a few natural options, but none are as effective as surgery. Exercises designed to tone the lower legs may help in a few cases. Dieting helps to reduce excess fat all over the body, and may, therefore, reduce the size of the legs, too. However, there’s no guarantee that it will remove any fat from the legs at all. Some women find that their upper bodies become very slim, but their legs remain stubbornly large. In such cases, there are few options. 

Wearing clothes to disguise cankles is hardly an effective long-term solution. Only ever wearing wide-legged pants and long skirts can become tedious after a while. Having to think hard about how your legs will look when shopping can take all pleasure from the experience. 

Therefore, if you’re looking for a guaranteed solution to slim your lower legs, surgery is the best solution.

Arranging Liposuction of The Cankles

If you’re ready to consider liposuction of your cankles, you need to take the time to choose the right surgeon. As mentioned already, not every surgeon can perform this procedure. Those who do may not perform it to the same standard. Therefore, finding a highly experienced and specialized surgeon is essential. 

Here at Artlipo, Dr. Su is a specialist in the field of liposuction. With extensive experience and an artistic background, he has pioneered an active lipo technique. As we’ve already said, he carries out the cankle lipo procedure under a local anesthetic. While the patient is in no discomfort, she can respond and move during the procedure. This means Dr. Su can ask patients to clench their muscles or move into different positions. This allows him to remove as much fat from the area as possible. The results he can achieve, therefore, are impressive.

If you’re ready to find out more about surgery to remove your cankles, you should contact the Artlipo team today. We look forward to offering your advice and answering any questions you may have. We can also arrange your initial consultation with Dr. Su to determine your suitability for this procedure. Surgical cankle removal is an excellent and permanent way to achieve beautiful legs. With guaranteed results, it’s an excellent choice for many women suffering from this problem.