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What Causes Back Fat Under The Bra?

If you’re wondering what causes back fat under the bra, you may have noticed you have a bra bulge. This common problem affects a lot of women and can negatively affect their self-esteem. The purpose of a bra is to lift up the breasts and support them. As a result, they can make your body look great from the front. Unfortunately, though, from the back, you may not look quite so good. Fat and skin often push out from below the straps and band of the bra. That leaves a bumpy and uneven surface called a “bra bulge.” Here, we look at why you may have back fat under your bra and what you should do about it.

Why Do I Have Back Fat Underneath My Bra?

A bra bulge of back fat can have several causes. The three most common are:

  • Poorly fitting underwear or clothing that is causing a bulge. You can solve this problem by wearing correct bra size. If the top is too tight, fat can bulge out.
  • Obesity. If you’re overweight in general, it’s likely you’ll have excess fat on your back too.
  • Genetics. If your genes dictate that you store excess fat on your back, there’s little you can do about this.

Will Wearing A Different Bra Size Help?

Some women experience a bra bulge due to wearing the wrong size bra. Bras may be the wrong size in one of two ways. Firstly, if the bra cup is too small, your breasts can spill out of the top and sides. That can lead to bulges in the armpit area that can spread out to the back, causing lumps and bumps. Bras can also have a band that is too tight, and that digs into the skin. As a result, the fat pushes out below the band, causing a bulge. Although wearing a well-fitting bra can help to minimize the appearance of back fat, it may not resolve it completely. Sometimes, you can have back fat showing even with a well-fitting bra due to genetic fat distribution patterns.

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Will Exercise And Dieting Help Eliminate Back Fat?

For some women, losing weight can help to eliminate back fat. If you’re overweight or obese in general, exercising and dieting may be helpful. Eating healthily and working out more can help to burn fat and tone your muscles across your whole body. That includes the back and bra bulge area. It’s essential, though, to note that spot-reducing fat is impossible. You cannot specifically target back fat with any particular diet plan. Sometimes, losing weight won’t improve the appearance of back fat. Some women who are slim overall still have a bulge under their bra due to their genes.

In some women, toning up the back muscles can help to minimize the appearance of back fat. If your back muscles are very loose, you may find that doing specific workouts can tighten them. That can help reduce the size of your bra bulge.

If you have excess fat on your lower back, three exercises can prove to be helpful:

  • Reverse hip raises
  • Side jack-knives
  • Superman

If you have excess fat on your upper back, these three exercises are a good choice for you:

  • Lateral arm raises with weights
  • Rowing
  • Speedbag boxing

It’s also worth adding general cardio exercises into your workout regime as this will help to burn excess fat. Exercises like dancing, running, and swimming in conjunction with muscle toning exercises can be beneficial. Be aware, though, that even if you have toned back muscles, a layer of fat may cover them. That will mean that the toned muscles will not be visible. You will still have a noticeable bra bulge, even with well-toned back muscles.

Is There A Surgical Solution For Back Fat?

Liposuction is an excellent solution to eliminate back fat under the bra. Back liposuction permanently removes excess fat from this part of the body. The surgery involves the surgeon making small incisions in the area of the back they are treating. They pass a cannula into the incisions, break up the fat, and then use suction to remove it. They use the cannula to sculpt the remaining fat to create a smoother, slimmer silhouette. The surgeon operates under a local anesthetic, so the patient remains awake but in no pain. They can return home on the same day and will have a shorter recovery time. Within a few months, the full result of the surgery is visible. The patient will no longer have a bra bulge and will be able to wear tight clothing without any bumps. 

If you’re seeking surgery for the back fat under your bra, you need to find an expert surgeon. Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is a top choice thanks to his expertise and innovative techniques. Contact the team today to arrange your consultation.

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