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What Causes Hip Dips?

You may have noticed media attention recently focused on “violin hips”, as the new look. What are hip dips exactly? Which body types have them? What causes them? And is it possible to get rid of them? Here, we take a closer look at what hip dips are and why you may or may not have them.

What Exactly Are Hip Dips?

Hip dips is a relatively recent term that has become quite widespread. It refers to an indentation at the spot where the thighs and hips meet. Someone with hip dips has an inward curve between their hip and their thigh. People of all shapes, sizes and body types can have hip dips. They are an entirely normal feature and don’t indicate any medical issue.

Does Everyone Have Hip Dips?

Not everyone has hip dips. Some people have them, and some do not. The reason for this lies in the genes. Your genes dictate your bone structure and the shape of your pelvis causes you to have hip dips. If your hip bones are higher than your femur, the fat and muscles will curve inwards. That causes the indentation to form between the thigh and hip. Some people think that only obese people have hip dips. That isn’t true at all. All body types may have hip dips as bone structure dictates whether you have them, not your fat distribution.

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Does Tight Clothing Cause Hip Dips?

Some people believe that tight clothing can cause hip dips to appear. That isn’t the case. However, tight clothes can accentuate the appearance of hip dips. Wearing tight leggings, for example, will cause hip dips to become very noticeable. Also, if you choose clothing with soft, flowing textures, the hip dips are emphasized. Clothing with stiff fabric can hide them more effectively.

Are Hip Dips The Same As Love Handles?

There is some confusion surrounding whether love handles and hip dips are the same things. Both are colloquial and not medical terms, so it isn’t surprising that there is some confusion. In fact, both terms refer to different things, although both are in the same area of the body. Love handles are the terms used to describe pockets of fat near or around the hips. Hip dips also affect the hip area. But they aren’t pockets of fat. Rather, they are an inward curve due to bone structure.

Is It Normal To Have Hip Dips?

It’s entirely normal for some people to have hip dips. They don’t occur because you are overweight or abnormal in any way. If your genetics dictate that your body structure takes this shape, you’ll have hip dips regardless of your size. There are many very slim women who have hip dips too. Nevertheless, “saddlebags” are also a common problem in women with hip dips. “Saddlebags” is the colloquial term for fat pockets below the hip dip area. People with an inward curve between the femur and hip tend to accumulate fat below the curve. That can emphasize the appearance of hip dips and make them more obvious.

Can Hip Dips Be Treated?

Hip dips aren’t a medical problem, so they don’t actually need any kind of treatment. They are entirely normal for some people. However, if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your hips, you may wonder if there’s a way to improve them.

It’s important to note that you can’t spot-treat hip dips. There’s no way to spot-reduce any area of the body, including hip dips. Losing weight won’t improve the appearance of hip dips if you have them, as they aren’t due to excess fat. There are some exercises that may help to reduce their appearance, such as lunges and glute bridges. But these exercises won’t get rid of them entirely. In fact, avoiding specific exercises is best when trying to minimize the appearance of hip dips. You should avoid exercises that work the hip flexors and quads and choose exercises that work the glutes instead. Nevertheless, hip dips will still be visible to some extent.

There is one surgical solution that can help improve the appearance of hip dips. Liposuction of the saddlebags or love handles can create smoother curves and lines in this area. That can help to streamline the hips and make the hip dips less noticeable.

Liposuction removes excess fat in the hip area under local anesthetic. The surgeon makes small incisions and then suctions out the fat cells. They then sculpt the remaining fat to create a smoother, more attractive silhouette. As a result, you can benefit from slimmer hips and a more appealing curve in the hip area.

To learn more about whether love handle or saddlebag liposuction could help you, contact the ArtLipo team today. Dr. Su is a specialist in this field and can help improve the appearance of your hip dips.

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