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What Is Art Lipo?

Art Lipo is a shortened version of the words “artistic” and “liposuction.” It describes a form of liposuction that takes its inspiration from fine art. Rather than solely removing the bulk of excess fat, it’s about sculpting it beautifully. The surgeon performs the lipo procedure like an artist sculpting a statue. They carefully sculpt the fat to create the most attractive lines and the best possible silhouette. That makes Art Lipo different from regular liposuction, which is mostly about getting rid of bulk.

The Process of Standard Liposuction

Standard liposuction procedures are primarily about reducing bulk. The surgeon uses suction to remove excess pockets of fat from an area of the body to make it smaller. Usually, this area will be the stomach, thighs, or back. They aim to make the patient smaller, not more shapely or contoured. Therefore, they do not sculpt the fat to create better contours and a more attractive silhouette. Instead, they reduce the bulk of the fat by suctioning it out of the body.

How Is Artistic Liposuction Different?

Artistic liposuction is a very different procedure from standard liposuction. Dr. Su at ArtLipo in Tampa, Florida, is the pioneer and creator of the Active Liposuction technique. He uses a different process when compared with other cosmetic surgeons performing lipo. For a start, he performs his surgeries under local anesthetic, with the patient cooperating throughout the procedure. Rather than lying passively, the patient moves and tenses their muscles during the surgery. That allows Dr. Su to sculpt the fat more closely to the muscle for a complete outcome.

Instead of “debulking” areas of the body, Dr. Su sculpts them. He takes a more artistic approach to liposuction by sculpting fat with the cannula. His aim isn’t just to get rid of pockets of excess fat. His goal is to shape the fat that remains into a more beautiful silhouette for the patient.

His results stand apart from those that other cosmetic surgeons achieve when performing lipo. Afterward, his patients have a more attractive, shapely silhouette. Artistic Liposuction sculpts more closely to the muscle so that definition is more visible. Patients, therefore, look more toned and contoured.

Why Do Artists Make Better Cosmetic Surgeons?

Most cosmetic surgeons are not artists. Many have no art experience at all. Yet, there is a distinct advantage to having artistic skills when in cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgeons who also have artistic training offer their patients various benefits. These include:

  • The ability to see the human body through the eyes of an artist.
  • The ability to draw out the ideal physique for the patient during their consultation.
  • The use of sculpting techniques to create a better and more attractive silhouette.
  • The use of artistic skills to help patients achieve the correct positions for the closest sculpting of their fat.
  • The ability to see the big picture of the patient’s overall physique.

As you can see, there are many advantages to being an artist and a cosmetic surgeon. Therefore, patients should try to seek out professionals with experience in the arts and cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is one such cosmetic surgeon, having been passionate about art since attending high school. His Bachelor’s Degree is in Fine Arts, and he studied drawing, sculpting, and human figure painting in college. Despite working in the medical field, Dr. Su continues to pursue the arts outside of work. He still participates in art exhibitions, including the annual Nude Nite Tampa event.

Thanks to his love of art, Dr. Su is a perfectionist in the field of liposuction too. His artistic training also led him to develop the Interactive Lipo method. This technique uses methods he developed while learning to be a sculptor and figure artist. His procedures incorporate master sculptor techniques that other cosmetic surgeons never learn during their training. That is why he can achieve such impressive outcomes for his patients.

Can All Surgeons Perform Artistic Liposuction? 
Not all surgeons can perform artistic liposuction. Dr. Su at ArtLipo is virtually unique in his field, although he teaches his technique to other surgeons. But it isn’t only Dr. Su’s artistic background that explains why he is almost alone in performing artistic liposuction. Dr. Su specifically specializes in liposuction. He performs no other cosmetic procedures. That is most unusual, as most other cosmetic surgeons offer various procedures. Dr. Su has, instead, chosen to focus solely on this area of his field. Over the years, he has honed his skills and developed in-depth expertise. It is this specialism, paired, of course, with his artistic training, that enables him to achieve such excellent results.

Get in touch with the team today to learn more about what Art Lipo is. You can arrange your consultation with Dr. Su and learn how he can help you achieve an artistically beautiful silhouette.

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