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What Is HD Lipo?

HD lipo is a shortened form of the term “high-definition liposuction.” It means that the result of the procedure is more complete than that achieved through regular liposuction. Standard liposuction is primarily about reducing bulk. Surgeons remove pockets of excess fat to slim down the patient. High-definition liposuction is more precise. It involves sculpting more closely to the muscles to achieve greater definition. As a result, the patient sees a more streamlined outcome with a beautiful and contoured silhouette.

What Does High Definition Mean in the Context of Liposuction? 

HD, or high definition, means achieving the leanest natural shape possible following the muscle contours of the patient’s body. With high-definition liposuction, the surgeon sculpts the fat smoothly and completely. As a result, they reveal the bones’ structure and the muscles’ contours.

Surgeons can treat the neck, chin, back, waist, arms, legs, and male chest in this way. As a result, they look more defined and attractive. That is very different from just removing bulk, which is the goal of regular liposuction procedures. With traditional liposuction, the surgeon removes fat to debulk the target area. There is no sculpting of the fat or contouring to the muscle. While the patient may appear smaller, they won’t have a more toned-looking silhouette.

Some surgeons, however, use the term “HD liposuction” incorrectly. They use it to describe artificially creating a six-pack by injecting fat into the muscle layer and adding etched grooves. That isn’t true HD lipo.

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Who Is a Good Candidate for High Definition Lipo?

A good candidate for any form of liposuction is close to their ideal body weight and healthy overall. They have realistic expectations of the outcome of their procedure and are happy to follow their surgeon’s instructions. They should be a non-smoker and non-vaper. Alternatively, they should be willing to quit before and after surgery.

HD liposuction candidates should meet some additional criteria. For HD lipo, the best candidate is someone who already has toned muscles but with a fat layer covering them. When the surgeon removes the fat, they reveal their natural shape.

Both men and women can be good candidates for high-definition lipo. It is especially popular with men, though. Many men like to have HD lipo on their abdomen to achieve the six-pack look.

HD lipo is also a good choice for the arms. Many women opt for the Celebrity Arms technique to give them slim, toned upper arms.

Does HD Liposuction Leave Loose Skin?

HD liposuction is a more complete procedure than regular liposuction, so it’s natural to worry about loose skin afterward. Yet, in the hands of an expert, skin tightening is one of the procedure’s benefits. HD lipo tightens the skin by removing fat at the surface of the skin. Traditional liposuction doesn’t do this, and therefore sagging skin can occur.

As HD lipo can tighten the skin, some patients can avoid more drastic procedures. They can avoid having a body lift, facelift, or tummy tuck by undergoing high-definition liposuction instead. The process removes excess fat while also tightening moderately loose skin. As a result, the patient needn’t undergo a more complex surgery with a longer recovery time.

Do All Cosmetic Surgeons Offer HD Liposuction? 

Not all cosmetic surgeons can offer HD liposuction. Some who purport to offer it are providing a different procedure. As discussed above, some surgeons use the term “HD lipo” to refer to fat injections and contour etching. But that is not true HD liposuction. True HD lipo removes up to 90% of fat, compared to just 50%-60%.

Few surgeons offer HD lipo because it uses techniques that are contrary to those taught traditionally. Cosmetic surgeons learn that liposuction is about removing fat conservatively. They know only to treat small areas, avoid the surface, and leave some fat behind. Many surgeons don’t even believe that HD lipo can be successful and struggle to comprehend evidence that it is!

Fortunately, Dr. Su at ArtLipo offers Ultra Complete High-Definition Liposuction or UCHD. This surgery produces even better results than HD lipo. With UCHD, patients participate in their surgery. They hold tight their muscles and keep their bodies rigidly in the position the surgeon requires. That allows the surgeon to have more control when sculpting fat. They can also create smoother contours and shapes. Patients also stand during the surgery. That enables the surgeon to see precisely how the area they are treating looks when gravity affects it. UCHD allows surgeons to make noticeable improvements in the patient’s body shape. They not only make it smaller but smoother, too, with more desirable contours.

To find out more about HD lipo and how it can help you, contact Dr. Su at ArtLipo today.

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