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What Kind Of Doctor Treats Lipedema?

If you’re asking what kind of doctor treats lipedema, you may be seeking a diagnosis. Sadly, many medical professionals still have a limited understanding of lipedema. It’s, therefore, essential to seek out a specialist when you need a diagnosis and treatment. A lipedema specialist can spot the signs of the condition at an early stage. They can also offer effective treatment quickly to eliminate unnecessary suffering.

Can My Family Doctor Treat Lipedema?

Many people who suspect they have lipedema turn to their family doctor for help. Unfortunately, a lot of general practitioners fail to spot the signs and symptoms of lipedema. That leads to them misdiagnosing their patients. For this reason, many sufferers spend years thinking they are obese and need to diet and exercise more. Since dieting and exercising has no effect on lipedema, their mental health then begins to suffer.

Lipedema is a progressive condition that only worsens over time. The longer it takes to receive an accurate lipedema diagnosis, the longer it takes to get suitable treatment. A lot of sufferers cannot start treatment until their condition is quite advanced. By that time, they may already have mobility issues, significant pain, and emotional and mental health problems.

A family doctor usually does not have the right knowledge or experience to diagnose lipedema, and they cannot treat it. Help from a specialist in the condition is therefore needed.

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Can A Lipedema Specialist Cure My Condition?

Even a lipedema specialist cannot cure lipedema since, currently, lipedema has no cure. Nevertheless, there are treatments available that can relieve the symptoms associated with the condition.

Patients can choose from two treatment options. The first option is to take a conservative approach. That involves wearing compression garments and having manual lymphatic drainage therapy. It also involves eating a healthy diet to try to manage weight in the long term. Conservative treatments address the symptoms of the disease. They do not, however, address the cause of the condition. Lipedema continues to progress despite conservative treatments. Also, they involve a lot of ongoing commitment from patients as they must regularly have treatment.

Another treatment option is to have lipedema surgery. Surgery addresses the cause of the condition – the diseased fat. Although many patients worry about having surgery, it is an effective option. It offers long-term relief from the pain and mobility issues lipedema causes. A specialist can offer lipedema surgery to improve quality of life and reduce the symptoms.

What Kind of Surgery Treats Lipedema?

The surgical option to treat lipedema involves having liposuction. Many people believe that liposuction is only a cosmetic treatment. That is not always the case. For patients with lipedema, liposuction has a medical purpose. A cosmetic surgeon with a lipedema specialism can operate on sufferers.

Liposuction for lipedema is almost exactly the same as liposuction carried out for cosmetic purposes. The surgical instruments and techniques that the surgeon uses are the same in both cases. The procedure involves the surgeon administering a local anesthetic to the patient. They are awake and alert during the surgery but in no pain. Once the patient is numb, the surgeon makes tiny incisions in the areas they are treating. They pass a cannula into the incisions, break up the fat, and suction it out. As a result, the patient benefits from slimmer, less heavy limbs. Their body achieves a more proportionate shape, and this can help improve the patient’s mental health.

What Are the Benefits of Treating Lipedema with Surgery?

There are many benefits that come with treating lipedema with surgery. While many patients are worried about undergoing a surgical procedure to treat lipedema, they experience excellent results.

Surgery treats the cause of lipedema and not only the symptoms, which is the case with conservative treatments. As it removes the diseased fat, it addresses the problems that the fat causes, such as pain and mobility problems. After surgery, the patient experiences reduced pain in their limbs and can walk more comfortably. The effects of lipedema liposuction are also long-lasting. Patients can experience many years of relief as surgery slows down the progression of the disease. Furthermore, since surgery improves the patient’s body proportions, they can enjoy better emotional and mental health. Overall, lipedema surgery helps to improve the patient’s quality of life in the long term.

Where Can I Find a Lipedema Specialist?

When looking for a lipedema specialist, it’s imperative to find an experienced surgeon with plenty of expertise in treating lipedema. Not all cosmetic surgeons can treat lipedema patients. It’s vital to seek out a professional who regularly treats lipedema sufferers and produces good results for their patients.

Dr. Su at ArtLipo is leading the way in this field. As a liposuction expert and pioneer, as well as a lipedema specialist, Dr. Su is an excellent choice. To find out more about the surgical approach to treating lipedema, contact the ArtLipo team today.

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