Many people who are keen to have arm fat liposuction only focus on the immediate aftermath of their procedure. Yet, it’s important to look beyond those early weeks and months. How will you need to live the rest of your life? What will happen if you gain weight following your surgery? It’s a serious question that you need to answer.

Liposuction is an incredibly popular cosmetic treatment. It produces virtually immediate results. Liposuction instantly removes excess fat that has built up in the body, so you can create an ideal physique.

Yet, once the excitement of the impressive initial results has worn off, patients often have further questions. How long will these results last? Most importantly, will the fat come back after treatment?

Permanent Fat Removal

The purpose of liposuction is to remove the fat cells from a specific part of the body. By using a cannula and suction device, a surgeon can permanently remove the stubborn fat. It’s important for those receiving this treatment to understand those fat cells cannot come back. However, new ones can eventually appear, and existing ones can enlarge.

So, Is It Possible for Fat to Return?

Unfortunately, since the fat cells can grow, it’s possible to become larger again after lipo. When someone gains a lot of weight after her treatment, her results will be far less dramatic. It’s important, though, to note that the fat won’t return if you maintain your post-lipo body weight. So imagine, for example, you weighed 130 pounds before lipo, then, had 6 pounds of fat removed. You can maintain your result as long as you can maintain a weight of 124 pounds or less.

If you only gain a little weight, 5 pounds or so, your body’s fat cells will grow a little. This will diminish your results, but your new, improved shape will remain visible. This is because the treated area has fewer fat cells. This means there’s a lower rate of fat cell enlargement there when compared with the surrounding areas.

If you regain a lot of weight (around 10 percent of your total body weight), new fat cells will develop. These will spread all over your body. This will include the area that you had treated. Usually, though, the creation of new fat cells tends to occur evenly. This means there will still be less fat in treated areas. People who have had lipo and, then, gained weight usually still look much better than they did before their procedure.

How Can I Maintain My Result?

The best way of maintaining your lipo results in the long term is to stay at your ideal body weight. You can maximize your chance of a long-lasting outcome by:

  • Following all the instructions given to you by your cosmetic surgeon.
  • Reducing your calorie intake.
  • Eating a healthy diet containing lots of healthy carbohydrates and lean proteins.
  • Staying well-hydrated.
  • Eating several small meals throughout the day.
  • Never skipping meals.
  • Exercising regularly.

What Does Weight Gain Look Like After Lipo?

If you gain weight after your lipo, you’ll notice differences in the treated area. It will start to look irregular and lumpy. This is because clusters of fat cells under the muscles and in the fat layer will return. Meanwhile, the areas surrounding the treated area will store extra fat. This makes the boundary even more noticeable. Finally, areas nowhere near the treatment site will enlarge symmetrically. So, for example, when you treat your arms, your stomach, breasts, and buttocks will probably increase in size over time. Weight gain can completely reverse an excellent outcome. The gain could be as little as 3 to 5 pounds in small patients. 

The Little Known Weight Gain Problem

Although weight gain after lipo can be very problematic, many people are still unaware of the issues it can cause. When the severity of the possibilities remains unknown, patients are unlikely to work hard enough to maintain their results.

Surgeons need to tell patients undergoing liposuction what could happen if they gain weight in the future. A reputable, experienced, and skilled cosmetic surgeon will always discuss this possibility with his or her patients before surgery. Here at Artistic Lipo and Plastic Surgery, we talk about these issues during our patient consultations. We believe it’s very important for all patients to have an in-depth understanding of their procedure. This extends to what to expect afterward and how to ensure a long-lasting outcome. 

If you’re planning to have arm fat liposuction, contact Artlipo today. We will answer all your questions and address any issues you may have. We can arrange your first consultation with our experienced cosmetic surgery team. This will allow you to discuss your concerns and get expert advice. When you choose us for your procedure, you can rest assured you’re in very safe hands.